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Welcome to Karma!!

ImSnowy / Mar 06, 2012
Hello! My name is Snow, my current IGN Is Cuddlez! I am the guild master of the Guild Karma. We are a brand new guild, glad to be on the server of Jagged Coast. Right now we have over 50 members. And are at war with many guilds. And are in need of some assistance!!

When you make an application please fill out the following below to make sure we know who you are :)


My IGN is:
My (preferable name) is:
I am(age):
I have been playing MMO's for(how long):
Reason to join:
Who invited you to the guild(if it is Cuddlez leave a this face :U ):
Role in guild:
Any sports/jobs:
Casual or Hardcore gamer:
How long you would play:
Cake or Pie:

End of Application!!


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